Don’t Let Them Screw You in The Brain Tube.

I don’t have any huge personal problem with Youtube. As a Youtuber they gave me a chance to use their platform. I had a good experience. I have not experienced censorship. I have not requested or attempted monetisation.

Of late I have been saying the most extreme things of certain Media companies. I don’t like saying those things. But when you find out people are engaged in violence against you, Something has to be said.

I don’t have any evidence that youtube are plotting assaults against people. You would really have to be retarded to do stupid shit like that.

But still, I think there is something wrong at Youtube. So aside from my own experiences, this article is in large part coming from what I have seen other people experience on youtube.

The vast majority of Channels that I have subscribed to get Banned. The reason they get Banned is because there is an Agenda at youtube that they are trying to uphold. The patterns of Banning I see as a user are quite amazing.

I mean you can jump on youtube, tell people that you have been through a Dozen Gender Transition surgeries, tell people the intimate details of Transgender Sex. All good. But if you start to say you don’t like transgenderism. High Risk of Banning.

Lets call a Spade a Spade. They are here to fuck us in the Brains. Probably in Part as an Agenda, and probably in part because they have a huge spreadsheet that tells them what is the most profitable.

I think that youtube are making the ultimate Mistake a Platform can make. They have a platform with huge volumes of traffic & huge view counts. But what does it matter if people just don’t trust you? You loose your authority. When you think about huge youtube view counts these days I think of 2 things. Cats & Gangnam Style.

The latest thing I have witnessed is quite a placid man on youtube with a Cancer diagnosis having to deal with strikes and Banning threats. Quite glum.

So I don’t know what Youtube are playing at. I would have thought that they would be keenly aware of the fact that every time they ban someone, their audience see. What I have seen in terms of censorship, its scale and frequency is quite tyrannical. I think they have set the inclusiveness bar too low. I feel generally uncomfortable using youtube and I don’t seek or desire to achieve success on a platform that bans and penalises people who’s views I respect and care about.

People invest considerable amounts of time on youtube and like any investment people should expect a return. However I wouldn’t personally invest any serious energy in trying to become a Youtube Creator. Risks of loosing all of your work and being demonetised are just too high.

Risks and dangers don’t just apply to people creating youtube videos, there are risks just in watching it.
We are soon to publish a post about hexes and curses in Music. Yes most bands that are sold to you are full of freemasonic cursing and hexing. Well youtube is exactly the same. Most channels you can find are filled with Masonic numerology, color coding and hexing. By watching channels forces that may be nefarious have the ability to get a sense of where your consciousness is which could put you at some risk. I don’t like to jump to conclusions and accuse youtube of abusing their position in knowing what you are watching and then exploiting that, but from my experience on youtube I see it as almost impossible that they do not at times use this information.

So I am for the most part pulling the Plug on my youtube. I now hold the view that even sitting watching youtube is dangerous, as you ultimately give a 3rd party data about yourself and have no idea what they intend to do with it.

From my understanding the key people who have founded google are russian jews. It is fairly evident that their intentions with youtube are to run it as a business. I don’t think that businesses intention is to uphold what is best for humanity. I think they want to uphold the hive mind and a fractured split human consciousness. What you need to do as a human is have your consciousness surpass anything they can present you on youtube and as that happens and you start to see through all of the cursing and hexing then you naturally start to pull away.

Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them