Why you should change your Default Search to Duck Duck Go.

Recently I Changed my default browser search engine to duck duck go.

It Came after I made a couple of major changes to my Digital Use.

Having recently deleted Facebook. And then twitter.

Google’s core product had to be the next to go.

And it feels so good to move away.

I changed the default search on my core browsers to duck duck go. And so should you.

Here are some of the benefits we have felt from using Duck Duck Go.

– More Privacy & Less concern about a big evil mega corp feeding off of your search history.
– Better Results. Google has dominated through search quality but using duck duck go will leave you wondering if their results are actually better. Many are also suggesting that deliberate bias has crept into Google’s Results.
– Faster Indexation – Yes Duck Duck Go does seem in many cases to be performing faster than Google.

Ultimately these platforms are light systems. When it comes to any systems you want working for you as a human, it
Is your light systems. Your intelligence systems. Your media paints a picture of the world you inhabit, and one way to effect a humans
Consciousness is to paint their world with events, beliefs and views and so on.

Ultimately I feel a lot better switching my search away from Google. It is great to see some diversity and competition in the search market.

Duck Duck Go is a viable alternative to Google. It is growing exponentially and we recommend giving it a shot.