Creating A Basic Spiritual Defence For Your Family Using The Internet (Lower Synthetic Etheric Web)

This Is A Short Article On How To Build A Basic Spiritual Defence System.

Believe It Or Not. The System That Has Allowed Me To Create So Much Disruption In Politics And Media. Is Basically WordPress. 

It’s Free Technology. Millions Of People Use It.

It’s Extendable. You Can Use It For Image Publishing. Video Publishing. Commerce.

Given That Such Basic Technology Has Allowed Us To Be So Disruptive. It Demonstrates How Little Vision The Jew Pig Cult Had For Us.

All Im Going To Do In This Post. Is Recommend A Basic Network Configuration. And A Technology Provider. Thats Is Super Cost Effective. And Im Going To Explain How It Works As A Spiritual Defence For Yourself Or Your Family.

Network Configuration.

I’ll Keep This Short. Im Recommending A Network With 3 Domains. 3 Projects. Choose Topics That Are Important To Your Family.

Health. Money. Business. 

Sex. Gardening. Industry.

Sport. Arts. Education. 

Etc Etc Etc. 

Try And Find Meaningful Domains. Helpful To Your Authority.

So Thats Your Basic Network Configuration. Three High Value Topic Domains Is A Good Start To A Spiritual Defence System For Your Family. Maybe If Your Husband Works, The Mother Can Produce The Online Network. But Both Man And Woman Of Family Can Be Involved In Such Production As Familial Etheric Spiritual Defence. 

As A Final Point On Network Configuration. Keep in Mind. You Can Make Your Network 3 Sites. But WordPress Is Easy To Setup As:

Media Stream + Commerce Channel.

So Three Sites Can Easily Turn Into A Much Broader Utility Network And Be Spiritual Etheric Defence + Income Stream Or Social Network Etc.

Technology Provider.

I Am Going to Recommend a Single Technology Provider. Realistically Lots Of People Are In The WordPress Hosting Space So Feel Free To Shop Around.

Some Providers Have Made It Clear To Me That They Have Access To Your Backend. It May Be The Case That All US Providers Have To Legally Offer Intelligence Services Access To Your Backend. Thats 3IA Style. They Like To Maintain Access To Your Backend.

Anyways Checkout Im Only Recommending This Because Its Very Low Tech Barrier To Entry. You Can Deploy WordPress And CDN, Which Didn’t Exist When I Used It – With Low Time Resource Use And Low Technical Knowledge. Even If You Have To Bounce A Couple Of Support Tickets Off Them. You Should Be Able To Run Your 3 Site WordPress Network There With Low Amounts Of Maintenance.

It’s An Occult Name, But Everything Is. I Have Bounced Some Hard Questions Off Them About Their Business in The Past And I Was Relatively Happy With Their Response. Anyways You Are Talking 20 Bucks A Month For Your 3 Domain Network. So To Understand A Cost Base For Your Spiritual Defence System, You Are Talking $20 A Month US, Plus Domain Costs Which Could Be Less Than $30 AUD A Year. Fairly Cost Effective For Such A Powerful Media Footprint.

As Your Sites Build A Body Of Work. Maybe You Start To Notice Some Media Traction. If You Feel Your Sites Are Established Then Maybe You Can Expand.

How To Use As Spiritual Defence.

Read Our Recent Post On How Your Christian Account Works.

In There We Say The Realm Is A Continual Light Stream With Abusive Entities Publishing And Casting Violent Corrupting Light Ultimately Intended To Wilt The Flower That Is You. Kill You.

So It’s Worth Investing In Doing Thought Pieces. Research Pieces. Respond To And Comment On Media.

But Most Importantly. If You Wind Up In A Scenario Of Remote Spiritual Abuse. Such As They Practice. Or For Example Litigation. Conflict Or Debate In The Work Place. Having A Small Network Of Sites. That You Can Display Responses, Debate, Even Counter Attack To Spiritual Abuse. Can Really Save Your Families Life. 

How It Works.

Just A Brief Broader Explanation Of How Such A Network Serves For Your Spiritual Growth.

Practicing The Arts Its A Particular Type Of Internal Transmutation. There Is A Violent Cult On Earth That Expect You To Comply To Low Spiritual Forces And Murder Other Bloodlines. Before Cutting A Strong Path Through Spirit. This Cult Wants To Own All Industries. Own The Lands. They Wish For Us To Have Nothing.

Practicing Building A Private Independent Network. Gives You A Platform To Begin Transmuting North Into Spirit.

What You Find As A Human If You Are Strong Minded And Ambitious With A Big Vision For Your Family. Large Corporations. Even Countries. Will Go Against You.

But In The Complex Occultisms We Have Uncovered. As An Individual Human. You Can Find That You Are Stronger Than Much Larger Forces. 


Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them