What is Glassdoor and why should you use it?

Glassdoor is an online employment review site that allows you to write reviews of company employment experiences and interview experiences. It also lets you give information about salary ranges companies offer.

As the name suggests, Glassdoor creates a transparent record from which everyone can get a sense of what it is like inside a company. This is important for many reasons. As digital talent you have the ability to chose where you wish to work and the kind of culture you want to work in. As digital talent you deserve to work somewhere great.

Recent Google algorithm updates have meant that Glassdoor is prominent in search engines, so as candidates search for information about which companies are good to work for it is highly likely they will use Glassdoor when making their choices.
[quote_right]”The level of transparency brought about by sites like Glassdoor will help ensure companies maintain a high standard in their office culture.” [/quote_right]
In short I think that Glassdoor is great and as you traverse through the media and marketing industries you should be using it. Here are a few tips for using Glassdoor to ensure that it remains a quality resource that workers can rely on when making career decisions.

  • Write reviews for your good experiences and your bad ones. Overtime a pattern will emerge for all employers and the companies that have the best policies and treat their people the best will secure the top talent and ensure their business will have more success in the future.
  • If you are writing about a bad experience, be firm but fair. Think about your experience both from your own perspective and from the perspective of the company before writing.
  • Writing reviews of interview experiences is just as important as for jobs. If you think an interview process is fair and legitimate say so, even if you didn’t get the role.
  • The ratings are the most important part of your review and are tallied to give the company a score. Give well considered scores for all areas including compensation, work/life balance, management and culture.
  • Write your review as if you are giving advice to a friend that you want to make the right choice in their career.

For the many people who go to work in an office every day, office environments matter. Everyone deserves to work in a nice environment and everyone deserves professionalism and courtesy no matter what their role is. The level of transparency brought about by sites like Glassdoor will help ensure companies maintain a high standard in their office culture, because their office culture will be part of the public record.

Glassdoor brings the same benefit or transparency and comparison to the employment world that price comparisons sites have brought to the world of shopping and finance.

To write a review on Glassdoor simply go to the reviews page and get started.

Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them