33 Tips for developing your career in Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing industry is still in it’s infancy and if you are new to the industry or have been doing digital for a few years, chances are you still have a long career ahead of you.

Here are thirty three tips to help you build a long lasting career that you will look back on with pride.

  1. Work really hard.
  2. Develop a portfolio of your own work to demonstrate your skills and abilities.
  3. Promote your own work or projects.
  4. Don’t settle for a single skill or discipline, develop a range of skills.
  5. Aim high and think about the big picture. Real leaders are attracted to people that do big things.
  6. Understand that the client is always right and to win their confidence you have to deliver results. Real results.
  7. Know that marketing is about selling things but that doesn’t have to include your soul.
  8. Practice.
  9. Never hesitate to leave a job if it is not rewarding.
  10. Learn how to stimulate your creativity. Whether by exercise, socialising, drinking herbal teas….or whatever works for you.
  11. Question authority.
  12. Blaze your own trail. Don’t follow the pack.
  13. Spend some time working in the corporate world and some time working for smaller organisations. There are things to be learned in both environments.
  14. Know that sometimes the highest paying job isn’t the best one. But sometimes it is.
  15. Take a break from it all sometimes.
  16. Give more to your colleagues than you ask of them.
  17. Be progressive. Your focus in every role or project should be to move forward even when sometimes it feels like other people have different motives.
  18. Climb to the top. Jump. Climb again.
  19. Change jobs sometimes. Staying in one place can only give you so much experience.
  20. Find the people who share your values and gravitate toward them.
  21. Keep a record of success stories and publish them so other people can see the impact you have made.
  22. Succeed with your own skills and abilities. Not through manoeuvring.
  23. Be honest always, even if you are encouraged to be otherwise.
  24. Believe in the unbelievable. Don’t constrain your potential with a narrow mind.
  25. Let the negative people be negative. You ain’t got time fo dat.
  26. Don’t just understand technology, understand people.
  27. Pay no mind to cronies or cliques. They are usually not as influential as they think they are.
  28. Learn to code. It doesn’t matter what you do in Digital, code will get you further.
  29. Always speak your own truth.
  30. Take inspiration from the real world. Not just the computer.
  31. Understand the next generation. They are the future and they are coming faster than you realise.
  32. Adopt a good cause aside from your main career objectives. Saving the whales. Or something like that. Service to others can be just as rewarding as service to self.
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