Decoding SEO

This Is A Really Critical Article.

It’s Such A Short Word.

Generally Speaking I Don’t Believe That These Terms Are Formulated Accidentally.  

I Have Spent Many Years Practicing SEO. I Still Explore The Google Ecosystem. I Also Believe In A Diverse Competitive Search Market.

But Im Aware That The Results Are Highly Controlled. Bing Don’t Even Let Me On Their Search Engine. With My First Business. I Built It Up. Received A Telephone Call From Israel. Which I Hung Up On. And Then They Imploded The Business And My SEO Results Mysteriously Went Away.

So When I Work On Google Now. And You Move Graphs. And Sometimes Grab Exposure. The Feeling of Investment Vs Return Doesn’t Quite Line Up. And They Want You To Think That It’s An Algorithmic Mystery.

But A Simple Word Decode Gives You Hints About What Is Happening Here.

Two Reads Are:

Unholy Energy Saturn


Pharaoh Eye Energy Saturn

So It’s A Saturn Shit Pipe No Matter How You Look At It. 

But What Are They Really Trying To Shit Pipe.

Google Im Certain Is A Saturn Engine. On The Whole It’s A Computational System Designed To Exploit Us.

But SEO, With My Work Now.

I Did Put In A Lot Of Hours On SEO In Thailand. Learned Some Tricks Made Some Progress.

But Still That Equation Didn’t Work.

Again, With My Work Now….Its A Real Challenge To Choose What To Spend Time On.

Now, And In Thailand. If I Was Like. Do You Want To Work On Sales And Stock Management. 

Or Pictures And Teaching And Intelligence Engine Stuff.

I Said Somewhere Else. Getting All Of The Light Right Is Important.

And For Me Now. Doing The Creative / Teaching Stuff. Just Pulls My Time More Than Typical Business And Money. Because You Are Managing The Light Stream.

So SEO, They Throw You A Toolkit. That Takes Your Energy. But If You Ascend To Becoming A Powerful Being. Delivers Nothing. They Block Your Material Return In An Attempt To Block Your Progression As A Whole.

Because The Meaning Of SEO. Is Suppressing The Mysterious Occult Power That Comes With Having The Cobra Strike Consciousness Of The Pharaoh. There Is Laundry List Of Occultisms That Can Explain This Pharaonic Eye Which Eye Will Spare You Here. But They Trick You Into Thinking It’s The Only Source Of Digital Traffic. That Such Exposure Is The Only Light With Which You Can Succeed. 

That’s All I Really Want To Cover Here.

There Are Many Dark Occultisms Involving Money, Business, And The Basic Art Of Surviving In Life. That Will Bamboozle You Into Thinking That Crunching Ever Increasing Numbers On Paper Or On Digital Screens Is Path To Salvation.

But In Opening The Eye, You Melt Into The Plane. And Your Touch Begins To Effect Everything. A Much More Powerful Craft Than SEO. Google And The Saturn Jew Cults, Will Use Every Distraction To Avoid People Being Taught That.

Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them