The Economic Viability Of Building Your Own Tools & Platforms. Building Television.Domains

I Showed You Guys, I Just Launched Television.Domains.

Took Me 2 – 3 Days. Standard WordPress Template. And Contact Form. It’s Fairly Easy Work. 

Using Me As An Example. There Are Heaps of People With Bigger Portfolios Than Me.

But I Had A $4000 Sale A Few Years Ago Now. Cook.TV. Actually A Really Nice Name. 

But Im Building Edibles.TV – So My Cooking Work I’ll Do On There. You Can Only Build So Many Projects.
So I Chose To Sell It.

Let’s Look At The Maths Of Building Your Own Tools In That Area Of Parking Pages.


So I Paid $10.48 USD For The Domain Television.Domains – It Will Cost Me That Per Year.

Im Not Going To Include Hosting In This Example Because I Already Pay For It. I Already Operate It. It May Be A Technical Barrier For Some People. But We Just Do It So It Allows Us To Build Little Projects Like This. 

If You Calculate Say 1 $4000 Sale Per Year. 

That Sale Was 2 – 3 Years Ago Now, Yeah Its Not Super Fast Business. 

But I Get Offers Every Month. I Just Had A $500 Offer On Something Im Already Building On. I Countered At $250000. 

So If Someone Really Wants It, They Can Pay For It. I Don’t Need To Sell It.

But Dan, The Base Commission Seems To Be 15%. And If You Use A Broker It Seems To Be 20%.

And Then Some People Report If You Sell Over $2000 They Charge A PayPal Fee Of 4% So Also Take Into Account Hidden Fees.

So At The 15% Commissions They Take $600 USD

And At The 20% They Take $800USD

So Looking At That, It’s Not A Hard Business Case Is It?

Using My Own Sales Platform – IF I Get A Sale I Would Use 3rd Party Escrow. If The Buyer Requested. And If Not Just Run The Transaction By Myself. Take A Cash Transfer, And Then Transfer The Domain With No Cost At All.

But With Escrow You Are Looking At $252 For That Transaction – Still Much Cheaper Than A Domain Broker Fee.

So You Could Say, Building Your Own System For That Function. You Can Justify Maintaining The Expense For Many Years. Its Very Cheap And The Returns Should Be There.

Im Going To Look At Ways To Add More Data To The Sales Landing Pages. And Then Maybe One Day Skin And Brand Television Domains. Fun Little 3 Day Project. Still Got Some More Domains To Add. And Once I Have Let My Latest Regs Simmer, I Will Add Some Of The Quality Names In 6 Months Time. 


Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them