Calling BS on the Google + Facebook Commonwealth Tax Compliance PR Ploy

A while back an article appeared in the national press assuring that the Google Incorporation was now 100% compliant with the Australian Governments Tax code. This was presumably a response to the fact that historically they haven’t been.

I read the headline and then skimmed over the contents of the article and contemplated for all of 7.5 seconds. Then I called Bullshit.

Google being 100% tax compliant is a feel good story. The average Australian might read that and think ‘Oh Good, these big corporations and now being tax compliant, the same way that I am.’ Whether or not you should be as tax compliant as you are is another question.

What you may not see is that Google itself is in fact another tax on the population. They are not paying the government Tax just for the right to operate in Australia, they are paying tax for rights, for access to you, as are Facebook. They are buying you. Paying the government a fee to be the intermediary between you, and all of the wisdom you hold. The contents of your soul and mind.

Google Tax Compliance with the Commonwealth of Australia is as convincing as their big digital balls. They stick them in your face and tell you that thats the way things are. But the fact of the matter is that things are very different than what they are presenting to you.

Given that Google and Facebook are happily feeding off of your light energy, feeding off the very contents of your being you should perceive this as a Tax.

I know from my very experience that governments and false authorities will tax and tax and tax you. And they will tell you as if it is the sincerest truth that this is the law and that is the law. What I’ve personally never experienced in all my days walking is someone approaching me and telling me about a deep government lie or a deep human truth. They won’t cough up any of their lies. They’ll tax and tax and lie and lie and lie until you are in a box. Because this is so, i’ve developed a knack of hunting out truths and sticking them in the faces of liars. What is so amusing when you do so, is that you don’t get more truth you just get liars recoiling like serpents. You don’t get ‘Oh, now that you know we have lied to you, we now have no authority’. Not at all, you just get double down for the next lie or deception.

The fact that Google are compliant with the commonwealth speaks volumes. They are compliant with a criminal international regime with the Blood of Genocide on their hands. And they will happily watch more blood spill and capture it as a data point to be used in the profit of their incorporation.

We have recently disclosed that the British royal family projected into the Australian peoples consciousness happily by the Government and compliant media are little more than actors. A truth that the benefactors happily conceal while they rape the fuck out of Australian citizens with fraudulent fines and taxes.

Im sick up to my back teeth with seeing the positive creating energy of decent Australians robbed by liars practicing usury, deception, fraudulent law and fraudulent taxation.

Im increasingly questing the authenticity of any Tax that is presented to me and making the taxer Justify their taxation. They’ve put enough of my people in their boxes with their fraudulent lies. The machine is forced by night by day. If the Commonwealth want to be seen as a credible government, finalise reparations for participation in crimes against humanity and genocide. Dissolve the commonwealth and assure the indigenous population that no such government will form on these lands ever again. Then establish a government that is designed from the ground up to care for the health and well being of human beings.

If you have the impetus to create good things, nobody has the right to own it but you. As a creator my interactions with Governments and banking institutions make me feel like I am surrounded by slobbering rapists that are waiting for nothing more than their turn to fuck. The best message for these rapists is that they get nothing until they learn to create something positive and legitimate themselves. Unfortunately the current government and taxation system does not qualify as this.

So ignore the Google / Facebook PR Ploy and their compliance with the Genocidal Commonwealth. Its more lies from rapists that will fuck you and your family for a dollar. We are about to launch a major campaign encouraging tax and fine disobedience in Australia. This is the only way we see that the use of force either real or simulated via media against innocent Australian citizens by Genocidal Governments and corrupt incorporations will stop.