What should we think of occult saturnian symbolism in Medical and Cannabis product branding and marketing?

Occult Saturnian Symbolism is extremely prevalent wherever you look in media and marketing.

The first thing that anyone who may have researched the topic would associate Saturn with is consumption or death. Yes Saturn usually has dark connotations.

Recently we announced that on one of our commercial projects we would engage in de-occulting of product branding as part of measures aimed at ensuring consumer safety. Saturnian symbolism in the Cannabis and medical industry is so common that it is worth starting right from the top. Should we be default suspicious and concerned when brands use saturnian symbolism in their products. Well. Not always. 

You can also look at the flip side of the darkness. Saturnian Symbolism can be used to convey positive concepts. For example: One of the brands we have dealt with is named the Pulsar APX. How would we decode this name? Well we decode down to the letter. The A you could interpret to be the all seeing eye or the masonic compass.  The PX is commonly used to represent Saturn. Taken from the occult symbol of the Chiroh. So in that case you may interpret the name to be saying divinity presiding over saturn. Ultimately a positive concept. 

But still, it does seem strange in many cases people using symbols associated with death in markets that are primarily about protecting and saving lives. We don’t believe that if people believe that their products will lead to death or suffering should be able to put them on the market and promote them. Ultimately it us about ascertaining if companies and marketers have the right intent. 

The way I have come to see it in many cases is that saturnian symbolism indicates a limited or pessimistic stance in this realm. We know Saturn is limiting and we know that there is more beyond it. Ultimately we need to weed out people that take stances in markets and think that their occultism or occult associations will save them despite their poor intent. Lets ensure all companies and business engage in their affairs with the correct intent especially in industries that involve human health.