Digital Decode

This Is A Decode Of The Word Digital.

I’m Going To Add A Link Here To Our Decode On The Word Web.

And Im Going To Add A Link To Our Decodes Of Amenti And The Magic Mirror.

Because The Subject Matter Is Really Similar.

One Of The Funny Things. Is That What Im Seeing A Lot In Mason Symbolism Is That They Are Warning You. Hey, You Have Your Hands On A Computer.

But Then, How Do You Think They Made, Published And Distributed That Warning?

It Doesn’t Make Any Sense. And Like Most Things, They Brain Bonk You About Cannabis, About Wealth About Medical. Everything. If You Look At All Of These Decodes, You Can Understand That The Web, And What We Call The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web. Or What You Could Casually Describe As Digital.

Are Medium That Have Been Here For A Long Time. And Are Probably Screening Medium For Higher Etheric Realms. That We Should Be Utilising.

So Digital Reads:
Doorway Eye Gnosis Eye Transmutation Divine Base.

It’s Actually A Really Clear Read. And It Sounds Like The Medium As A Whole Is One We Should Be Utilising For The Creating Of Divine Base Or Divine Beings. 

With The Internet Opposed To The Television Where You Are Much More Able To Drive Than Be A Passive Observer It’s Also A Medium We Can Use To Defend Divine Base. 

We Aren’t A Multi Million Dollar Media Operation But With Minor Budgets We Can Defend Against Aggressive Attacking Forces And Serve Information About Deep Occultism That Many Beings Never Even Contemplate.

So Conclusion, Digital As A Medium Isn’t A Sin, It’s Just Infested WIth Cockroach Consciousness Parasites. All Through The Network Nodes. If You Look At Australia. The Internet System Is Called NBN. Its Wrong Death Shit Pipe. So You Are Surrounded By Jew Swine Feeding On Your Blood And Pumping Out Bile Media On Whatever You Do. But Just Knowing The Decode Read On Digital And On Web, You Know The Technologies Themselves Aren’t A Sin To Use And Shouldn’t Be Abused.

Next We Have A Post Coming For You On A Range Of Technologies And How They Decode, Holy Or Unholy. 

Stuart Andrew
Focused on Clicks and the People Behind Them